Saturday 29 May 2010

Planting and Selection Quick Tips

Tis' the season to roll up your sleeves and dig in to the dirt!
Before you head out to your local nursery take a few moments to considered the following tips before purchasing or planting a tree or shrub,

Location location location,
You will have greater success if you have already determined the location you wish to plant and its attributes.
What is the sun exposure? All day, part of the day, under a forest or tree canopy?
If grass won't grow in the location it is probably best suited for shade plants.
There are a number of trees and shrubs that grow in the understory of the forest.
Most fruit trees require a lot of sun, generally these must be planted in full sun to archive good growth and fruit production. Soil is important not only in quantity but in quality and depth as well. Trees that like to have cool moist roots will not thrive in rocky areas or rock ledges covered in soil. It is always a good idea to dig a test hole before you purchase a plant for a particular location.

Selection, selection selection,
When you are at the nursery look for fresh healthy stock, go early in the day when crowds are less and you can take time to pick out the best stock. Good form and branching habit will pay rewards long after you plant your tree or shrub. The plant with the most flowers isn't necessarily the best or most healthy. Look for good leaf color and signs that the tree has been handles well. Broken twigs, disturbed soil, or scuffed containers can indicate the plant has been dropped off a forklift or worse. Check the root collar to ensure rodents or insects have not girdled the bark and damaged your potential new tree. Take your plants home promptly and plant them, cars are not greenhouses and are an abrupt change from the nursery environment. Lastly water your plants thoroughly once planted to eliminate air pockets in the root zone and improve the chances of survival.

Certified Arborists are knowledgeable in tree preservation selection and planting. Take the time to consult with your Certified Arborist before you undertake major tree planting and your landscape will maintain it's value for years to come.

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